Make it Happen

It can be a challenge to meld a wildly creative lifestyle with meaningful work which is deeply satisfying (and pays the bills, too)!

When you are feeling overwhelmed, blocked, or unproductive, A Curious Life is here to help you de-stress, get inspired and FOCUS so you can return to your happy, productive self as quickly as possible.

If you love to start projects, yet have difficulty following them through until the finish, this is the place where you will learn to identify what fuels your passion and find fresh new ways to power through your creative process. You will be supported until your project is complete so that you can stop beating yourself up and hiding half-finished projects in the closet (or even worse: in the trash)!

Kalah intimately understands creative process and what it means to be a creator—it's safe to drop the facade and just be yourself. Whether you're a visionary from the world of DIY, craft, fine arts, marketing or bleeding-edge high tech industry, you will find a dedicated sounding board and fierce advocate in Kalah Allen.